Big Sky 200 12-Hour UTV Enduro

Big Sky 200 12-Hour UTV Enduro

Published: March 20, 2024
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There will be 2 UTV races at the Big Sky 200. A 4 lap YORR Points Championship race and a 12-Hour UTV Enduro. Both races will be ran at the same time.

You can enter both races and go for the points and payout in the YORR Points Championship race and the payout for the Enduro.

If racing both races your first 4 laps will count for your placing with the YORR Points Championship race. The total laps completed and race time at the end of the 12-hour race window will be how you place in the 12-Hour Enduro.  

There will be separate entry fees for each race. If you are racing both races, you will have to pay entry fees for both.

YORR Points Championship race will have our standard rules and classes.

In the 12-Hour UTV Enduro everyone will be in the same class racing for one purse. We will be paying out positions 1-x depending on sponsorship and number of entrants.

You can have a maximum of 3 different drivers for the UTV Enduro race.

Find complete schedule information and registration on the Big Sky 200 race page.